A Hobbyist's Guide to Coral Reef Aquaria

What do I need to know before getting into this hobby?

How large should my reef tank be?

How much maintenance does a reef tank require?

What are my recurring costs?

Is this the right hobby for you?

Ok, I've decided to buy a reef tank. Can you give me any advice?

Tank buying guide

Tank plumbing guide

The tank is set up, now how do I maintain it?

Water Changes and Salinity

Additives and Alkalinity

Do It Yourself projects

DIY Fish Food

The 180 gallon tank (decomissioned)

Full Tank Pictures

Misc. Pictures

Time Lapse Pictures

Some interesting tank features

Hardware Configuration

Projects and Upgrades

The 375 gallon tank

Full Tank Pictures

Close Ups

Tank Design

DIY Tank Stand

DIY Tank Canopy

Recent Projects

Lighting Upgrade


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