The canopy material was built from red oak purchased from home depot. The red oak had a 1" x 4" dimension, and were mitered using a power miter saw. This tool is absolutely key, as doing miter cuts by hand is both time consuming and inaccurate. Boiled linseed oil and a coat of varnish were the only finishes used. Linseed oil is both easy to work with, and brings out the wood grain without making the wood dark.

Framing Detail

The frame's corners were braced, and then then a horizontal slats were placed every twelve inches to provide additional rigidity, as well as a place to mount the lights. Finally, a vertical brace was installed to provide support for the horizonal slats.


The frame was hung from the rafters using steel chain, and spring loaded hooks (similar to those used in climbing).

Hanging Detail

A lamp has been hung to show what the ultimae goal will look like. Notice the use of eye hooks.

The Finished Product!