My current tank configuration


180 gallon TruVue acrylic made from 1/2" sheets. All sides are transparent, with a center back dual overflow. Two 1 1/2" bulkheads are used for the return plumbing as well as the drain.


Lighting consists of three 250 watt Aqualine Buschke Aquaspacelight Mini lumieres. The bulbs currently in use are the Aqualine Buschke 10,000K bulbs. Actinic lighting is supplied by a pair of five foot 80 watt T5's powered by an Icecap ballast.


The only mechanical filtration used at this time is a EuroReef 8-1 skimmer. This skimmer has worked flawlessly, and is exceptionally easy to maintain. Well worth the money.

Return Pump

The return pump is a Sequence 750 with the saltwater seals. The pump doesn't generate much heat, so I don't have to worry about the pump contributing to the water's temperature. Now if I could only say the same thing for the lights... My only complaint with this pump is that the inlet to the pump requires two inch PVC. This makes things like ball valves and unions quite expensive and hard to find.

Power Heads

Two Tunze Stream 6100's with the Tunze wave controller creates a powerful yet gentle flow. I wouldn't trade these in the for the world. They really reduce the need for a high powered return pump, and they move a lot of water. They can be too powerful at times. Fortunately, they can be tuned back so as not to create a tsunami. The only downside that I can see is that they are a little bulky in size.


30 gallon rubbermaid tub.

Top-off system

A DIY Kalkwasser reactor is fed by on old 10 gallon aquarium. A float valve is connected to the sump. When the water level drops enough for the float valve to fall, kalkwasser is slowly dosed into the sump. I can attribute the tank's rapid SPS growth to having this "kalk" reactor.

Calcium Reactor

I can't remember the brand, but it's a dual chamber reactor fed by a 5 pound bottle of carbon dioxide. The regulator on the C02 cylinder is German made. Always trust the Germans to make quality precision equipment.