Completed Projects

Return Plumbing

- Remove the 90 degree angles, and make water changes easier.

Phosphate and Calcium Reactors

- Add a Phosphate Reactor and a Carbon Reactor

Fluorescent Lighting

- Replace PC lighting with T5 lighting, and put new lights at an even level with the metal halides.

Future Projects

More pictures for this website!

'nuff said.

Tunze Stream Power Heads

I'm considering getting a couple more, but their price tag might make it prohibitive.


I'm going to take a shot at making my own sump. If I do, I will put it in the DIY section of the website.

Calcium Reactor

I'm in the process of spec'ing out a new calcium reactor. The current one was purchased for my 120 LPS tank, and I don't think that it is keeping up with my 180 sps and clam tank.

Clean up cabling, tubing, etc.

I'm probably not the only person out there that has haphazardly wired, tubed, and cabled their system. I'm more inclined to do this after I've completed my other major projects.